Tips to Choose a Cricket Bat That's Right for You

Handmade cricket bat

The bat is fundamental to cricket, and choosing the right cricket bat can make a big difference in your game. Undoubtedly, buying a cricket bat is an important decision, and you must choose the best bat manufacturer to avoid regretting your decision.  

Here are a few tips to buy a suitable bat.


1. Set Your Budget First:  This is the most important tip before you visit any store physically or buy online from the best bat manufacturer in India. You must set your budget first. It helps you narrow down the possible options and enables you to choose the most suitable one within your price range. Though the price is not the ultimate determining factor, but you cannot neglect it altogether. You may find different types of bats such as Reserve Edition, Limited Edition, Dark Edition, The Elegant, The Dynamic, and The Striker.

2. Determine Your Play Style: Any bat manufacturer creates cricket bats with varying profiles, scallops, edges, sweet spots, and so on. All these aspects change with the shape of the bat, which further affects the performance of the player. Therefore, you must know your playing style and get a custom handmade cricket bat so that you can give your best on the field. Many bat manufacturers allow you to customize your bat as per your choice.

3.  Choose An Appropriate Weight: Another most important aspect is weight and pickup. Choosing a bat that is too heavy or too lightweight will ultimately affect your play. You must focus on the pickup of a bat rather than weight while making a selection. You need to understand that big bats won't make you hit the ball if you aren't strong enough to play the shorts correctly. Consequently, a lightweight bat may hinder your potential. Therefore, consider the bat pickup.

4.  Consider the Ping: Ping demonstrates the control of the bat when a ball hits it. A bat with a good ping rebounds effectively. The ping depends on the material with which the bat is made of. To check the quality of ping of a bat, you can use a cricket bat mallet and strike it on the bat's face. Observe the reaction of the bat, which could help you define the bat's ping. Experienced players opt for this method to check the ping.  

5. Bat Grade & Willow: Bats are made with approximately 5 Grades of willow. Grade 1 comes with 8-10 grains and tends to be the best performing willow with extremely few or no blemishes on the bat face. The cheap bats are usually made with Grade 5 willow with 4-5 grains and more blemishes on the front. Bats with higher grades of willow perform well when you need to use them immediately. Other grades of bats may take longer to reach their optimum performance.

Wrapping Up!

Buying a cricket bat may seem easy, but it's not. You may need expert guidance for buying the right bat for you. The other way out is choosing the most trusted bat manufacturer who provides premium quality bats to both players as well as their fans across the globe.

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